Wethepeople and GT in RideUK 100

Wethepeople Arcade in the RideUK 100

The 2018 Wethepeople Arcade features in Ride UK’s Top 100 BMX Products of the year, saying “It definitely looks better than you’d expect for the money, more like a pro aftermarket frame. With its looks, spec and options, the Arcade is clearly a good choice for getting into BMX” – click HERE check out the full review.

Wethepeople Nova in RideUK’s 100

Also shortlisted for this year’s Ride UK 100 is the 2018 Wethepeople Nova complete bike – “First BMX is the Nova’s target position, without doubt. It’s short, light and responsive enough for younger riders, but there’s enough quality in the build to make it last some progression time” – click HERE for the full review.

GT JPL Team also in RideUK’s 100

The brand new Jason Phelan Team from GT is also shortlisted among Ride UK‘s top 100 BMX products of 2018 – “For somebody who wants to get their BMX dream rolling this is a perfect all rounding riding machine.” Click HERE to read the full test in this year’s Ride UK 100

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