The Inaugural Mongoose Jam UK Wraps Up with a Park Contest

It was a great few days at Rush Skatepark in Stroud, England. Mongoose saved the best for last rounding out the first Mongoose Jam UK with a Park comp. The course layout allowed the field of athletes to put together tons of unique lines. The box jump, quarter and back wall let riders boost huge airs while the technical middle section with a 5 foot deep bowl let athletes link together technical lines and combos.
During Park, the ams went all out in Park. Kaine Mitchell (Team Ryan) threw flair tuck no-handers on quarters and front flips and 360 bar to bars on the jump box. Dan Allington (Team Isted) pulled a clean double tailwhip on the box jump, while Jack Hobson (Team Casey) linked together floaty superman seat grabs, 360 tuck no-handers and flairs. At the end of the day, it was Ross Domanski (Team Peraza) who took the top amateur spot ranking 6th overall in Park.

While the pros let the spotlight shine on the ams, they definitely let it shine on them too. The crowd went nuts when Gary Spencer (Team Ryan) tried a handplant bar on the wall, but he was a too close and accidently hit his bars on the wall for an assisted bar to bar back. It was clean enough to almost look like he did it on purpose.

Tom Isted (Team Isted) flowed through the park at warp speed and came out of the quarter, over the deck and wall rode the railing of the second floor viewing area, while Team Peraza’s Ross Domanski killed it with a huge superman seat grab over the box, into a 720 on the quarter and a 360 over the bowl. Victor Peraza (Team Peraza) checked all the boxes with a 360 table top to look back over the box and technical combos. He finished his run with a suicide no-hander to fakey on a quarter.

Park Comp Top Five Individual Results:

  1. Ben Wallace (Team Wallace)
  2. Kevin Peraza (Team Peraza)
  3. Alex Coleborn (Team Illingworth)
  4. Jack Clark (Team Peraza)
  5. Declan Brooks (Team Wallace)

Overall Team Standings (Day 3):

  1. Team Peraza
  2. Team Wallace
  3. Team Isted
  4. Team Illingworth
  5. Team Casey
  6. Team Ryan

Mongoose Jam UK will be tough to beat, but Mongoose Jam US is up next, and the brand has changed the contest format. From August 1st through 5th, teams will film their own edits at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California. The edits will be judged by a panel of industry veterans. They will be released the week of August 8th, and Mongoose will also host a viewers’ choice survey in which fans will be able to vote for their favorite edit. Visit to learn more.

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