All-new Cannondale Lefty Ocho and F-Si!

Last week Cannondale launched the all-new Lefty Ocho along with the all-new F-Si – First looks and reviews to follow soon.

Suspension of Disbelief


The all-new Lefty Ocho is for the XC rider who believes in results. The incredibly smooth suspension action that results from the lowest friction of any fork structure out there. The climb-crushing speed that results from having one of the lightest suspension forks in the world. The line- owning precision that results from having best-in-class overall stiffness, tuned for maximum control. And the confidence that results from knowing you’re on the most advanced, ground-breaking, preconceived-notion-destroying, XC- race-winning fork ever created. They’re the kind of results that result in…well… real results. Click here to view features

For Those With Serious Issues


F-Si has always been about pushing the limits of what an XC hardtail is capable of, and the new version pushes it harder and further than ever. No other hardtail descends as fast, climbs as nimbly, or kicks harder, smoother. With the otherworldly performance of the new Lefty Ocho, you’ve got a whole-new level of XC capability, tailor-made to feed the needs of the XC obsessed. Click here to view the all-new F-Si



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